Snowboardscross Montafon

Allessandro “iZZi” Hämmerle on 2nd and Max Schairer on 3rd position.  Great job. © Chad Buchholz

Nelly Moenne Loccoz Roccking in the lead. Congratulation for strong performance and gets 3rd on Snowboardcross WC on Saturday. And for winning the TEAM event.© Chad Buchholz

These Girls are happy and proud after Ladies TEAM event decision.
Julia Pereira FRANCE 4th
Maria Vasiltsova & Paulji Kristina 3rd
Nelly Moenne Loccos 1st
© Chad Buchholz

The Austrians iZZi and Max earns 2nd place at Mens TEAM event WC.
Konsti lands on 4th position with Team Germany !!
© Chad Buchholz

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