In Spain Sierra Nevada 2017 Snowboard World Championships brought the first real racing action to the main stage.

The best 24 ladies and 48 men from Friday’s qualifiers were set to go for Gold, Silver and Bronze in a snowboard cross event which left nothing to be desired on the purpose built and 1,117 metres long track.

Through very Action pact and tight heats Alex Pullin (AUS) crowned with BRONZE medal

Monday in Sierra Nevada saw in change in the weather and a little bit of history being written, with the first-ever team snowboard cross world championship competition taking place as the snow came down in Spain.

The Womens Title and GOLD wins France Team Nelly Moenne Loccoz  & Chloe.
© Mateusz Kielpinski

The Mens GOLD & TEAM title won Hagen Kearney and nick from USA.  hagen© Mateusz Kielpinski

Sierra Nevada 2017 FIS WCS - SBX
1-8 Final Men Heat 4 – © Oliver Kraus

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